It is the same year, these are the same places, the are the same people… But now the world is turned upside down by what you see before you…

Not more than forty feet away is a massive ugly shape. Huge dripping fangs from a wide jagged edged mouth. Savage claws more than half a foot long extend from large fists on the end of massive barrel arms the size of tree trunks. It stands hunchbacked at over eight feet tall. You have no idea what it is, but it seems to be attacking something else that your mind has trouble understanding.

It is fighting a breathtakingly beautiful woman with flame red hair with angelic features. She happens to be wearing what looks to be gleaming ancient middle ages armor and wielding a flaming sword.

Toto, we are certainly not in kansas anymore…

Secret Wars has been changed to be an example campaign for the brand new ORPS (Open Role Playing System) ruleset.


Secret Wars

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