World History through the Veil

The Roman Empire

During the Roman Empire’s reign was when the Veil was formed. Random horrors still haunted people openly and were often fought off by local forces during this time. Also people were sometimes born with magical powers, most such people were gathered into the clergy of various religions.

The Death of Jesus was the turning point with his rebirth the last major supernatural event before the veil comes into force. For the next several centuries as Rome waned the veil grew in strength. By the fall of the Roman Empire the veil was in full force.

Dark Ages

By the Dark Ages it had been several centuries that the veil had been in force and while people remembered the supernatural, the fear of it outweighed the visible and rememberable occurrences of it. Many Hunters were born that could see through the effects of the veil and caused considerable issues fueled by Church sermons on demonic powers and sin. The first Slayers formed at this time, gathering together to hunt the supernatural with little regard for what kind of supernatural creature or person it was. They were as likely to kill witches as Fear Eaters.

In the eastern world the mystic powers of China and Japan decreased as more and more people forgot the true powers of magic. Even supernatural forms of the martial arts lessened from past ages.

The Renaissance

The Supernatural had mostly become myth. The only parts to to continue in some form were related to the afterlife and the church.

World History through the Veil

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