Wizards of Oz

The Wizards of Oz Solitaire group is a temporary alliance of five individuals, the First Five: a Rosicrucian, a Wicce, and three Aboriginal Shamans. They opened a Gateway to the Otherworld in 1972 and control it to this day. With the coming Reckoning and increasing number of Gifted in the world, they now lead a group of 25 other Solitaires of various backgrounds, who are all interested in exploring the Dream Realms.


In 1972, three Aboriginal Shamans (Derain Barega, Karinya Girawheen, Adoni “Don” Townsend), a Rosicrucian from Sydney (Matthew Chambers), and a Wicce from Melbourne (Kyra Trikoupis) opened a Gateway in the back of a used bookstore on Hall Street in Bondi Beach which is a part of Sydney. They discovered that the Gateway led to an isolated section of the Otherworld that resembled the Australian Outback. All five were Talented Dreamers and they started creating a base for themselves in the First World. They called this base Bullamakanka Station.

Bullamakanka Station became the focus of the group’s activities and they started attracting other Gifted who were also interested in exploring the Dream Realms. The Station looks something like a ranch or an outpost, but it is really just a way station for those wishing to travel from Malkuth to the Otherworld. When someone offhandedly referred to the group as the Wizards of Oz, the name stuck. Chambers and Trikoupis left their respective Associations and formed a new Solitaire group.


The group has grown from the original five members in 1972 to thirty by the beginning of the 21st century. Aboriginal Shamans from all over Australia make up roughly one-third of the group. The rest of the group consists mostly of Gifted members who use Invocations. The others are Mundanes with the Lucid Dreaming Skill.

The Wizards of Oz are loosely organized. The First Five are considered the group’s leaders and they have the final word on how the Gateway is used. Barega has taken up permanent residence at the Station.


The Wizards of Oz still maintain good relations with the Rosicrucians and the Wicce Covenants in Sydney and Melbourne.

Skills and Abilities

Lucid Dreaming is a common skill, especially among Mundane members. Most of the Wizards of Oz are Gifted who use Magic or the Sight.

Common Professions

Almost any profession is possible. This Association consists of people who started out as Aboriginal Shamans, Rosicrucians, Wicce, and assorted other Solitaires. The group contains a rather high number of artists and musicians.

Wizards of Oz

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