Unseelie Court

The Unseelie are to the Sidhe as night is to day, winter is to summer, and destruction is to creation. The Unseelie Court harbours mostly evil intent toward humankind, which is seen as a threat to the faerie lands, albeit a fascinating one. Unseelie enjoy playing dangerous pranks on humans or taking them captive and subjecting them to mental and physical torture. Likewise they may occasionally ally themselves with powerful humans who have proven their mettle. Rarely a human may earn the respect of the Unseelie. In such instances, the faerie do everything possible to convert the human to the Unseelie perspective. Something quite possibly worse than enmity.

Like the Sidhe, the Unseelie tend to be distant, arrogant, and sticklers for politeness and respect. If they feel they have been slighted they never forget. No matter how long it takes they shall punish the offender, usually violently. Like many faeries they are bound by their word, but make every effort to twist the intent of their oaths without quite breaking them.

The Unseelie Court is also known as the Unholy Court or by some simply as “the horde” to avoid attracting their attention. The horde can be seen roaming the night winds, spreading sickness and blight or abducting those unfortunate enough to encounter them. Many of the traditional methods of placating faeries were born of attempts to protect one’s family from the Unseelie. The Court, which allows for little leeway in its dealings, is rigidly ruled by its King and Queen whose word is law and rarely defied. Titles are generally bestowed based on age and power, although the latter if it is great, can sometimes be enough.

Unseelie faeries, on the average, have darker hair, pointed ears, a cold grace and charisma, and are thinly built. Those who are not pale range from blue-tinged to dark. They tend to be cruel, temperamental, and violent. Some are grotesque in appearance, solitary by preference, or predatory by nature.

Unseelie Court

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