The Cabal

The Cabal is a group of people who are aware that the supernatural is real, even if they themselves cannot see it. Their exact origins are unknown, but their real rise in power came from the rise of the merchant class during the renaissance. They have been manipulating events for a very long time from behind the scenes. Hints of their existence have created myths like the Illuminati.


Their history however is longer than most believe. Their original origins are several groups who served various supernatural powers, usually in the form of quasi-religious groups. Few were gifted in magic themselves, but because they served those who were magically gifted they had considerable knowledge of such things. When the ones they served went underground, or off behind the veil, they were abandoned. Eventually several families who had worked for different beings got together and formed the basis for the Cabal.

They lacked power and influence early on as they had been servants of powers and not the ones wielding power. A few found places of influence for themselves, but for the most part they had to wait until the development of business and other means of gathering power other than becoming the ruler of an area. Though they did affect world events even in that form by being in the right place at the right time.

The rise of the merchant class, however, was they key to their coming into their own. They could develop their own power without nobles and yet rival the most powerful of kings. While some of them would become agents of the nobility over time, their true power base was made with money. Ever since they have been growing and expanding, pushing the boundaries of the world under their firm grip.


The lessons of their forefathers taught them that the worst fate was to be ruled by the magical and supernatural. If anything the end of the rule of the supernatural showed them that even mundane humans could wield awesome power. In fact, this was the world of humanity wasn’t it? So why shouldn’t humanity rule? Though not just any humanity, no humanity in general had to many faults. They should be the ones to rule and control all.

They are not fans of nobility or politicians. The first being untrustworthy autocrats and the second being pawns to anyone who can get them elected. No. Their rule would come from money. The one constant in this world. They would own the corporations and control business. Use their influence to shape governments to their will and then let others do the mundane tasks of management under their directions.

After centuries of effort they now are so very close to the control they desire… The only ones to stand in their way are those magical and supernatural forces that hide in the shadows. Their removal will end any threat to their rule.


They are enemies to almost all other secret societies. However, the The Brotherhood of Blood and The Alamut Sect of The Society of Assassins regularly act on their behalf. The Brotherhood for money and influence and the assassins for a sense of duty. The Red Lotus Society is another tool to be used on occasion, but not so directly as the other two.

The Combine and The Knights Templar are both seen as rivals for power which cannot be allowed to stand, however the Combine at least makes useful tools in hunting down magical and supernatural threats. On a few occasions they have leaked information to the Combine that furthered their own goals. The Knights on the other hand simply need to learn when to die. Their use of certain magics also makes them a prime threat.

Literally everyone else is seen as a bug to be stomped out.

Skills and Abilities

Some are the normal face of the dynasties: Businessmen, Attorneys, Academics, and more. Others are their military forces, which are separated into different specialists. Since the first World War the Cabal have also been experimenting on their human agents, trying to make them more capable to deal with threats. So far outside augmentation programs they have had little if any success, though a number of interesting drugs have been developed and a few bio-warfare agents as well.

A small handful of those in power have a magical lineage and are gifted to use it. Some become powerful agents, but a certain level of distrust exists and those with magical abilities must work harder than any mundane for their place in the group.

The Cabal

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