The Brotherhood of Blood

Mortal adversaries of the Legbans, the Brotherhood (also known as the Red Path Covenant, or the Followers of the Blood Path) are a loose gathering of Voodoo practitioners. Like the Legbans, the Brethren share contacts that cross national, linguistic and ethnic borders: the Haitian bokkor and the Cuban brujos are welcome among their ranks.

The Brotherhood respects and pursues power above all things, and uses any means necessary to gain more power. Their powers are very similar to those used by the Legbans and by nonaffiliated Voodoo practitioners, except that they are more willing to harm people. The creation of zombies is a common practice of the Red Path.

Most members are magical mercenaries, putting curses on people for pay. In the U.S. they can be found in the employ of gang leaders or working in the slums of cities for the highest bidder. A few use their powers to amass mundane power, especially in Third World countries where their occult reputation often intimidates people by itself. The Brethren in those situations usually work to further the interests of corporations and perhaps other shadowy groups like the Cabal.

There are few rules binding the membership of this Dark Covenant, and many of them are routinely broken by the bolder and more powerful. Brethren are supposed to come to the aid of each other, to never betray other members to outsiders, and never to reveal their secrets. In practice, only the third precept is followed with any regularity, and conspiracies and infighting are common.

The Brotherhood of Blood

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