Soul Eaters

These strange beings prowl the Death Realms. They consume the Essence of other spirits, and grow larger and stronger as they devour more victims. Most are vaguely humanoid in shape, but gigantic in size and usually deformed in some way. Others are thoroughly alien in form. Occultists disagree as to whether these beings come from a single species or are simply a number of different Essence predators who have been lumped into the same category.

Some Soul Eaters seem to be mindless killing machines, attacking without warning and killing until destroyed or driven off. Others are highly intelligent and knowledgeable and may resort to trickery or deceit rather than brute force to prey on others. It is possible to deal with Soul Eaters if one comes at them from a position of strength, but the creatures are not to be trusted under any circumstances.

Soul Eaters can work magic, which makes them fairly unique. Most Supernatural beings have their own unique powers, but magic is usually the domain of only humans and the Fey. Perhaps the Soul Eaters are some form of devolved or corrupted human soul. It is rumored that the Soul Eaters were human sorcerers whose souls became Tainted by contact with a Mad God or through the abuse of their magic. In any case there is very little humanity left in them. When someone is killed by a Soul Eater, his soul is Unraveled and the Soul Eater consumes the victim’s Vital Essence. Every ten victims consumed in this manner increase the creature’s Vital and Energy Essence by one point.

Types of Soul Eaters

Soul Eaters

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