Sidhe Court

The faeries of the Sidhe Court are the most familiar. They come in a variety of sizes from small to human-sized, although the nobles tend more to the latter. The Sidhe are inclined to be cheerful, with a good sense of humour, although tempered by a hardness born of the struggle against the Unseelie. They are slender of build and have pointed ears. Their skin ranges in tone from fair to brown. They are charismatic, graceful, and appealing.

Although ofttimes compassionate to humans these faerie are still mischievous and their honour is not quite the same as the human variety. They are sensitive that proper respect being shown to them, demand politeness, and deplore rudeness. If a Sidhe’s word is given it shall never be broken even unto death, for doing so is an unpardonable offence. They tend to live up to the spirit of their agreements (although out of fancy or mischief they might decide elsewise) unless they have been insulted.

Good faeries can be capricious and appear aloof and distant, as over-familiarity with humans is generally considered in poor taste. The Sidhe usually find humans uncouth, ugly, and clumsy, and are singularly unimpressed with what they see as human urgency. Still humans do fascinate the Sidhe Court at times and those with a fine sense of humour or artistic bent are valued above others.

Of late, many Sidhe have become interested in human events again and have taken to observing and reporting what has been occurring. Some even feel that action should be taken to aid the humans against the malevolent predators that hunt them, lest these same creatures strike the Court next.


The Sidhe Court is presided over by King Oberon and Queen Titania who rule sternly but fairly. Those who cross the Court are treated with contempt, sometimes violently. Lords and Ladies of great age and power form the higher nobility along with the leaders of smaller Sidhe troops. These nobles may also call themselves kings and queens. Beneath them are master artisans, followed by the lesser nobility that make up the bulk of the Sidhe Court. Most of the latter have no title but still must be treated with respect and deference by humans. Disgraced members, hostile races, exiles, and various outsiders are considered to have no standing, and come last in the Court hierarchy. This includes the Unseelie, who are scorned and disdained for their evil and destructive ways. It should be noted that some Sidhe feel that humans belong in the last category, and must earn the higher rank.

Sidhe Court

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