Red Lotus Society

The old stories speak of renegade Storm Dragons who became discontented or too ambitious. These malcontents were banished or left of their own accord. Some were mere students with little knowledge or power. Others were wise and skilled Adepts. Some of the more arrogant members claim that every prominent thinker or philosopher in Asia, from Gautama to LaoTzu, was either a former Storm Dragon or was taught by one of the renegades. All martial arts styles and powers, including such legendary schools as the Shaolin Temple, are likewise said to be the result of the teachings of those “half-Dragons.”

A large band of these renegades is known to have founded a rival school, and spread its teachings throughout Korea, China, and Japan. Mercenaries interested only in gathering wealth and power, they have become legendary in those lands as assassins and spies, and are the truth behind the legends of supernatural Ninjas and other shadow warriors. They call themselves the Red Lotus, and they are very dangerous enemies. The Red Lotus operates through a number of fronts, from the Triads and Tongs to the so-called Ninja clans. More recently, these dark warriors have begun to act behind large multinational corporations specializing in security and industrial espionage. The group may have some connection with the groups like the Combine and Cabal. It is believed that they are occasionally hired to eliminate targets that cannot be touched by the operatives of those groups.

The Storm Dragons have tried to locate and stamp out this band of renegades. Many wars throughout Asia have served as the backdrop for smaller, but equally savage conflicts. One of the more recent of these episodes occurred during the Vietnam War, when Storm Dragons masquerading as either South or North Vietnamese commandos (and sometimes with the unwitting support of the U.S. Army) located and destroyed several Red Lotus schools throughout Indochina. Members of both sides also participated in the much bloodier slaughters in Cambodia, using the chaos in the area to find and destroy their enemies with impunity.

Most details of the Red Lotus are effectively identical to the Storm Dragons.

Red Lotus Society

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