Preservationists are environmentalists who call for a minimal-impact approach to living. They are extremely protective of natural biospheres. They believe it is our duty to protect all life, no matter how microbial hoping to keep them from despoilment or contamination.

With the rising ocean levels endangering all coastal regions of the world, desertification, and increases in dead sea areas… They not only want to stop the destruction of the environment, but reverse our effects on the land. This includes damage to animal life. They have real plans to recreate extinct or nearly extinct animal life after recovering their habitats.

While not a secret society itself, it has become the battlefield for many factions. Groups of their activists have uncovered operations some would prefer never came to light. Usually these are accidental, but it has made their activities a battleground for the secret societies.


The ongoing destruction of the Earth, typically for corporate gains, has been a sore spot for many environmental groups since the 20th century, and even a bit of the 19th century. The Preservationist movement has it’s roots in many earlier organizations like Greenpeace, Environmental Defense, International Wildlife Coalition, EarthFirst!, Earth Liberation Front, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society among many many others.


Their goal is to return the Earth to a more beautiful and natural state. While some parts of this are long term goals, like reversing desertification, others are more immediate. Finding a workable solution to global warming is one of those more immediate problems. The general Ocean level of the world has already risen more than two feet past where it was at the turn of the century and most coastal cities have had to erect ‘sea walls’ to avoid considerable flooding. Cities that couldn’t do so lost significant portions of themselves to the ocean.

They also want to stabilize populations of endangered animals and even bring back a number of animals that have been considered extinct. Access to genetic engineering and cloning techniques makes this a possibility. However a functional habitat needs to exist for them to be returned to.


The Wicce, Ghost Dancers, The Covenant of Legba, Apoanu Apyabaiba, The Wardens, and Sidhe Court all support their efforts. In fact many of their members work with or even belong to this group as well.

On the other hand they have made enemies of The Hellfire Club, The Cabal, The Combine, The Knights Templar, and even the Cult of Pain. Usually this was because they opposed or got in the way of plans that these groups were developing.

This has lead to the supporting groups coming into conflict with the enemies this group has made. This makes the preservationists activities a prime conflict area in the secret wars.

Skills and Abilities

Members can come from literally all walks of life and so their skills reflect this. A significant chunk of their membership however have scientific backgrounds.

While most of their number are Mundanes, they also attract a number of Fey and Gifted with an affinity for the environment. Even a few Ferals are members.


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