Fiends are malicious spirit entities that appear to have their own hellish realm in the Otherworld composed of chaos, hatred and strife. Magicians who summon them can only use them for evil purposes. These twisted creatures are also sometimes found in the service of the Fallen Seraphim, who use them as slaves and servants. However they also operate on their own. Like elementals, they may be reflections of humankind’s own thoughts and feelings or they may be beings from a different level of reality. While not as alien or dangerous as the Old Ones and their minions, Fiends are mortal enemies of humanity and all living beings.

Fiends are defined by three things: power, hatred, and hunger. They resent those more powerful than they, even as they despise those who are weaker and compete fiercely with their peers. Their only true emotions are hatred and fear. They live to destroy and the only thing that keeps them in check is the fear of those greater than themselves. They also hunger for the Essence of living beings, especially when flavored by pain and suffering.

The more mindless of their kind are killing and eating machines that in their natural state, attack at the first opportunity. The greatest of their kind are more self-controlled and are capable of foresight and planning, but even they lack the skills and subtlety of ‘true’ demons. While the Fallen Seraphim seek to corrupt, Fiends only want a chance to feast on the life force of a living being. Humans or other sentient beings if possible, but any animal, plant, or spirit (including other Fiends) will do in a pinch.

For that reason, Fiends can be summoned by magicians with relative ease provided the right Invocations are known and the right incentive is offered. Lesser Fiends are fairly mindless and violent, but once they encounter overwhelming force they turn craven and servile. Those who bring them to this world must never lower their guard, however, for Fiends will turn against their “masters” at the very first opportunity.


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