Bioconservatives are strongly suspicious and critical of the direction the human race is taking. They are strong proponents of limiting technological development due to the threat it manifests to existing social orders. Bioconservative positions range from right-wing cultural conservatives to left-wing environmentalists. Though its prominence is shrinking, bioconservatism has a strong base among some religious groups, many conservatives, and certain extremists.

Bioconservatives are opposed to nanotechnology, genetic modification, augmentation, cloning, cognitive modifications, and artificial intelligence among other technologies. They dismiss them as unnatural, an affront to god’s will, or a technology that humanity is not yet mature enough to handle.

Some secret organizations actually initially agreed with a more conservative take on things. Especially with their interests in related areas. However anyone who sees into their heart is unlikely to continue their support.


The bioconservatives have grown from earlier conservative groups. The earliest examples were those opposed to surgery and modern medicine. Genetic and Mechanical Augmenetations were possibly the last straws for these groups. Altering the human form for human reasons was seen as an affront to god for a good portion of these people. Others in the movement simply see it as a step to far and one that humanity isn’t yet ready for.

While their initial efforts were all political, some of their members have become radicals. Most are at the level of breaking into college labs to free animal test subjects in their radicalism, but others go further. The most radical element are clearly terrorists and have extreme plans from bombings to possible genetically engineered plagues (as ironic as that sounds).


The exact beliefs vary from member to member. However they all agree that technologies like: genetic modification, mechanical modification, nanotechnology, cloning, and Artificial Intelligence are to dangerous to exist. A fairly large contingent doesn’t feel these technologies just need to go away, they feel they need to be destroyed so they can never be used again.


Their are at least two branches of the organization. The first is the media friendly face of the everyman who uses political pressure to get their way. Or at least tries to get their way. They are the reason why Augmentation has taken a political hot button position similar to Abortion in earlier times. They run internet communities, pay for lobbyists, hold public events, and are highly organized.

The other branch is far more secretive. They don’t take part in the events they other side holds, or donate money to the cause. In fact the other part is organized into small cells and they train for a variety of possible violent activities against the things they hate. They have even performed a few mass bombings against Augmentation Clinics and corporate headquarters for the companies who design and produce some of these things.

The more secretive part of this organization is careful in how they recruit new radical members. The recruiters are part of the PR branch and watch at events, online, and just in their normal day to try to find people who fit the criteria to join the other part.

Rumors say a single person heads both parts of the organization, though it’s uncertain this is the public chairman of the Bioconservative association or if it’s someone in the shadows.


Only the absence of knowledge of magic keeps them from targeting a much larger group than simply those augmented. However, those who do hide their nature behind the cover of ‘augmentation’ are still in their sights.

That said, any group who makes use of Augmenetations is on their target list. This includes private security contractors, military forces, intelligence agencies, and others used by some secret societies.

The Wicce, Ghost Dancers, and Order of Shambala all initially had positive views of what they were attempting. However many gifted have had bad feelings about their intentions, so after the initial overtures of support they have stepped back.

Skills and Abilities

All their members are mundanes as far as anyone can tell. However, they undergo training equal to many military forces around the world. With a special few as good as some of the special forces of the largest countries. Besides this they actually have some scientists in their ranks whose training is in genetic engineering or nanotechnology. These people joined to ‘repent’ for their ‘sins’, but using their knowledge to destroy what they used to create.

Their ‘PR’ branch has considerable skills in business, law, Public Relations, and politics.


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