Apoanu Apyabaiba

Apoanu Apyabaiba is one of the largest Solitaire groups. The twin Inheritors, Sun and Moon, united this loose coalition of Amazonian Rainforest Shamans and supernaturals in the 1990s. Sun and Moon traveled to the First World and formed an alliance with the Balam Clan of the Jaguar Nation, increasing the number of Shamans in the Amazon with Jaguar Spirit Patrons. When the twins returned to Malkuth, they unified the various Amazonian tribal nations, or at least united their Shamans and Medicine Men, into a confederation. This group called itself the Apoanu Apyabaiba, the United Native People. With Jaguar Ferals and Shamans united under Sun and Moon’s leadership, the group started to look like it might succeed in reclaiming the rainforest after decades of deforestation.


The Amazonian Rainforest is a powerful place of mystical significance. It is believed that there are several varieties of plants growing in the Rainforest that can enhance Gifted abilities. Several Gateways and Places of Power are also hidden in the tropical forest. The Amazon itself starts in the mountains that were once part of the Incan Empire, a Quechua Nation that led by a True Immortal. According to some members of the Lodge of the Undying. Even without any of the magical trappings, the Rainforest is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Shamans have always lived in the Amazonian Rainforest, but they never unified as a larger Covenant, like the Ghost Dancers or the Brotherhood of Legba. The Rainforest is home to many different tribes who speak many different languages. The main tribes are the Tupian, Arawakan, Guarani, and Tucanoan. Each tribe had its own Shaman, though their numbers were still small and their powers remained weak.

All that started changing in the 1960s, when a worldwide increase in Gifted powers began. Those born during this time had a greater affinity for magical than the generation before them. This was just what the indigenous Rainforest people needed, because the 20th century was a time of deforestation along the Amazon and this threatened the tribes’ continued existence. The native Shamans’ increasing powers helped their tribes, but not very much, as they were still acting as individuals in attacking the large problem.

The major change occurred in 1982, when a Kamayure woman along the Upper Xingu gave birth to twin boys. The two children were Inheritors, one with a Solar Aspect and one with a Lunar Aspect. They were named Sun and Moon.

Sun and Moon traveled to the Otherworld, where they formed an alliance with the Balam Clan of the Jaguar Nation. The Jaguar Spirits had helped Amazonian Shamans before, but, after their visit, the number of indigenous people with Jaguar Spirit Patrons sharply increased. In exchange, the Twins pledged to the Balam that they would help fight the Ocelotl Jaguar Clan and their Nahualli servants.

After their trip to the Otherworld, the Twins organized the different tribes into a unified force. They called this confederation of tribes the Apoanu Apyabaiba, which is Tupi for United Native People. A secret society of sorts was born and Tupian became the lingua franca. Suddenly, Shamans and Jaguar Ferals and nature spirits from differing backgrounds were working together to reclaim their Rainforest. In the first years of the 21st century it looked like the Twins would achieve everything they had hoped for, until the outside world took notice.


The Apoanu Apyabaiba is a loose coalition of South American Gifted and Supernaturals. Two twin Inheritors, Sun and Moon, lead the group. Other than Sun and Moon, the group has no real hierarchy. The Association is divided into a number of cells that use guerrilla tactics to fight those who invade the Rainforest. Communication among the cells is carried out through Magic, Seer Powers, Supernatural Abilities, and mundane methods that have worked in the Rainforest for hundreds of years.

Most Apoanu Apyabaiba members are Shamans, either Gifted using mostly Invocations and Seer Powers, or humans who have received powers from their Spirit Patrons. The second largest group consists of Ferals, Supernaturals who can shift between human and jaguar shapes. A number of nature spirits have also joined the ranks of the Apoanu Apyabaiba: Balam Jaguar Spirits and Curupira Tree Spirits who fight to protect their homeland.

The Apoanu Apyabaiba is by no means limited to Shamans and Ferals. It is a Solitaire group led by two Inheritors. It is rumored that the group’s membership includes an Incarnate, Ghosts, Phantasms, Relentless Dead, a group of Vampires who call themselves the Jaracacas, a few Kerubim (who say they are working for the Archangel of the Wilderness Orifial and his servant Zuphlas, the Angel of the Forests), and some Sidhe Warriors from Yesod. All this may be true, the Rainforest is an old place of wild magic. There may be things working with the Apoanu Apyabaiba that the larger groups do not even know exist.


The Balam Clan of the Jaguar, a group of Jaguar Spirits from the Otherworld, is the Apoanu Apyabaiba’s main ally. These nature spirits dwelt in the Dreamtime for centuries, only occasionally interacting with an Otherworld-traveling Shaman or the rare True Dreamer. It has only been since the last half of the 20th century that they have paid more attention to Earth’s events. Of course, the damage dealt to the Rainforest has been reflected in the Otherworld, so becoming more involved in Earth’s events has become necessary for them.

There is a smaller Solitaire group in Peru that claims to be led by the returned Inca, who some believe is a True Immortal, while others say he is an Avatar. The Incan group stays mainly in the Andes. Similar goals have made them allies with the Apoanu Apyabaiba.

The Apoanu Apyabaiba also deals with is the Brotherhood of Legba and other similar groups. Those with an African-based Faith have always shown a proper respect to the Rainforest Spirits. Similar beliefs and geography have made the Shamans and the Legbans allies.

Skills and Abilities

All members learn the Tupi language, Sun and Moon’s native language and the groups adopted language. Shamans and most other members have a Rituals Skill appropriate to their culture: Tupian, Arawakan, Guarani, and Tucanoan being the most common. Shamans tend to have Myths and Legends, Occult Knowledge (nature spirits), and Storytelling. First Aid and Unconventional Medicine are also common. All members have Survival (Rainforest). Snares, Stealth, and Tracking are also common, especially for the Apoanu Apyabaiba’s Feral members.

Since Apoanu Apyabaiba is a Shamanistic Solitaire group, most of its members are Shamans. Any combination of magic is possible, but the majority of Shamans use Invocations or the Sight. Some Shamans receive their powers through Spirit Patrons, Jaguar nature spirits being the most common. Other Apoanu Apyabaiba members consist of Supernaturals, mainly Jaguar Ferals. These Jaguar Ferals are inborn or at least reconciled. Some Shamans with the Skin-Changer Quality can also take the shape of a Jaguar. Other Supernaturals are possible, but they are clearly in the minority.

Common Professions

The Amazonian Rainforest consists of pre-industrial tribal cultures, so having a profession is not important. Most members are Shamans or hunters. Those activities take the majority of their time and is the reason they have such low Resources. Some members work with outsiders as guides or translators.

Apoanu Apyabaiba

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