Aos Si

The Aos Sí, Aes Sídhe, ‘The Fair Folk’, or ‘The Folk’ are potentially the most common of the Fey. Modern mundanes would likely call them ‘elves’, though to the Aos Sí would wonder why humans think they are short. Once they were known as the Tuatha Dé Danann (‘People of Goddess Danu’). Their own mythology says Danu took the energy of humanity and the wild energy of nature and formed her own people, perfect in form. A modern supernatural take is that they are some form of hybrid of early humanity with some sort of spirits, creating a new race related to both.

Physically they can pass for humans; though they are somewhat taller, stronger, stunningly beautiful, and often more competent. Their eyes are typically blue and their hair is typically red or blonde. The clothes the Aos Sí appear in are always of the finest cut and quality.

However for all their advantages they suffer from one truly epic negative. They lack an ability to create, so instead the copy and pretend they did it first. They cannot innovate so they ‘steal’. They cannot understand structure so they imitate it. They attempt to live in their own epic stories where they are always the heros, villians, protagonists, antagonists, lovers, betrayers, or some other vital part in their self created legends.

While their traditional homes are in the British Isles and parts of Europe, with the advent of increased human populations near them many crossed the oceans to the Americas before the Vikings did. Even before the Veil they have long since left the mundane world to mundanes and tried to keep to themselves in a new place. Instead they retreated into the ‘Otherworld’ or Orbis Alius, which humans now call the ‘Astral Plane’. They maintain their own special magical gates linking both worlds in places humans would call ‘Fairie Mounds’. However as they lack the spark of creation so they constantly visit the human world for inspiration.

Aos Si

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