Lucinda 'Lucy' Kralica

Ancient Child Vampiress


Character Concepts:

Otherwise she keeps a fairly massive list of contacts and agents.


Lucinda, or originally Lejka, was a normal nine year old girl living in the far edges of the Assayrian Empire with her family in the hills outside a small village. Her life would forever change when a strange man knocked on their door during diner one night. Her father had gone to the door and he died before he had a chance to do more than gurgle. Her mother faired somewhat better and slashed her attacker before she died. Lucinda was caught between shock, terror, and sorrow as the man ripped out her throat. The killer would leave them as they fell after feasting on their blood.

Lucinda however would ‘wake’ three days later. Some of her attackers blood had mixed with hers changing her forever. Her ‘sire’ had left though, and so their was no one to even explain what she now was. She initially thought that she had simply lived through the event, if barely and mourned her lost family. She would bury them as best she could that night, getting hungrier and hungrier and the cheese that was still good would not stay down for some reason. When the morning sun caused her to become tired and hurt when it’s rays fell on her she retreated indoors to sleep. The next night she left her families home hoping to find help.

She found an elderly neightbor woman, or more than woman found her out near the pig pens. The elderly woman recognized the girl, if barely through the blood and dirt, and thinking Lucinda’s family had been attacked by bandits she took the girl inside to care for at least one night. However when the woman got close, Lucinda could smell her blood. And it smelled delicous. Giving in to her urges she sunk her tiny fangs into the elderly womans neck as the girl held her down. Lucinda was shocked and horrified by what she had done. She buried the poor elderly woman as she had done her parents and decided to stay at the womans house for a few days as she figured out what to do. She couldn’t seem to keep food down so eventually she bled one of the animals and drank it’s blood. It wasn’t like the human blood had been and it didn’t seem to ‘last’ as long as the woman’s blood did.

Eventually her hunger lead into the village, where she killed a young boy. Feeling even more horrified, as much by having enjoyed the experience as the deed of it, she fled the area. Eventually she would end up in a large city. Her experiences there would destroy her ‘innocence’ for the rest of her life and decide her on a decided lack of morality in the world that she would now live in. There people tried several times to use or abuse her.

The first was a man who found her on the street and lured her back to a special kind of brothel on promises of them taking care of all her needs. He sold her to the brothel owner for 2 copper and the brothel owner offered up a customer for her within an hour. However raping a vampire cannot possibly go well for the rapist and it did not. She fled from there only to be captured by slavers 2 days later and ‘sold’ to be a servant a day later. Her ‘owners’ were a wealthy family that could not care less for her less and she would kill them within a week. These were people that she certainly did not feel bad about ridding from the world and so she did.

She would prey on those who would abuse children, women, and the poor for nearly a half a year. By that point the normal people of the town had come to think that there was an avenging angel in the town. Of course the wealthy and abusive felt intense hatred and started hiring more and more guards to track her down. Feeling the need to avoid being caught she began to wander the ‘known world’ of her age. As she would travel she would try to feed on those humans who would abuse others.

It would be nearly two hundred years before she encountered another Vampire, during which she survived through a bit of casual theft and the murders of the abusive, which she found easy enough to encounter wherever she went. She had also discovered an ability to cloud peoples minds, so sneaking around was fairly easy. However her behavior, gender, and age all caused her fellow vampires to generally treat her at least as badly as mundane humans did and sometimes worse. Certain early vampires considered her as a child vampire and as a girl to be abhorrent and wanted to kill her. She earned quite the reputation killing arrogant male vampires who were easily a century or more younger than her in most cases.

Unlike many other ancient vampires she had trouble finding ways to go into long term torpor. While many early societies like hers treated women, relatively, as equals and even did not see an issue with her age, later cultures were decidedly male dominant and others had issues with her age. So she has actually lived far more than most vampires her age who would spend centuries as paperweights. These same sorts of issues caused her problems trying to learn skills, as cultures like the Greeks considered it a waste of time for women to be educated. These issues have long nagged at her and given her a bit of a chip on her shoulder.

In more modern times she has still spent most of her time in Europe and the Mediterranean, though within the last century she has visited the US on more than one occasion. Ironically it is both easier and harder to get around in modern times.

Lucinda 'Lucy' Kralica

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